There’s a new prize for anglers in the 2014 tournament, contributed by new sponsor Fish Hunter. Every team that catches four fish both days will go into a draw to win two Fish Hunter fish finders

FishHunter has evolved a fishfinder device so small it floats, so smart it can speak to mobile phones from 30 meters (80 ft) away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 36 meters (120 ft) below the surface. Engineered with military Sonar technology, FishHunter Fishfinder is a powerful downward facing fishfinder transducer combined with a world-class fishing app for Apple and Android phones.

Unlike its bulkier more expensive competitors which need to be installed, FishHunter Fishfinder can be carried in your pocket or tackle box and used anywhere you want to fish – from off the dock, to on the boat, to on the river bank, FishHunter’s portability allows you to fish where and when you want.

Thanks again to our new sponsor Fish Hunter!