Need more info?
The Committee Members are more than happy to help you out:
Sue Pelepetz Committee Co-Chair/Director of Finance (807) 276-3211
Jim Steele Committee Co-Chair/Angler Liason (807) 276-1939
Leeann Galusha Director of Marketing & Nighttime Entertainment (807) 271-2513
Colleen Vennechenko Director of Angler Services (807) 276-4128
Cindy Kellar Director of Bar Services (807) 276-9353
Alyssa Strachan Director of Volunteers


Ashley Barker Director of Sponsorship

(807) 276-1078

  Director of Waterfront Services  
Pat Hyatt Director of Fish Care (807) 276-6759
Santhosh Boopathi Audio-Visual Coordinator (807) 271-0932
Mohana Sukumaran Audio-Visual Coordinator (807) 271-1192
OPEN Stage & Facility Director  
Mail can be sent to:

Emo Walleye Classic
Box 781
Emo, Ontario
P0W 1E0